Crystal & Jeremiah's Renewal Wedding


Heirloom pearls from both sides of the family, men (and a lovely lady) in kilts and love abounding at this beautiful venue in Wadsworth, Illinois. How perfect does this wedding sound!? Even the cloudy skies couldn't stop this Scottish wedding from being spectacular and full of love and commitment. But before I go on, make sure to look back at their engagement session from the summer of 2020: HERE

Crystal & Jeremiah have been through so much especially as they began this journey at the start of the pandemic. But this didn't stop them. And the sacrificial love they have for each other as well as for their family and friends is far reaching. In some of the wedding details you can see that they have two wedding invitations. As guidelines and restrictions caused many during that time to change plans, so too did Crystal and Jeremiah have to make hard decisions as time wore on. I am so glad that they did not have to put off their marriage, and this day was the celebratory fulfillment of the wedding they dreamed of where they could finally celebrate their union with the family and friends they love.

So join me in reliving this joyous day through a few highlights from C & J's beautiful Scottish wedding.