March 2, 2021

Eight things to bring for perfect detailed wedding day photos

The day of a wedding can be full of high emotions, a little bit of chaos, and a whole lot of unknowns for a bride. At least, that was how it was for my wedding. I had an idea of what I wanted but no real experience to help me along the way and I wish I knew what I do now. That’s why I’ve put this (hopefully helpful) list together for your ease of mind. I didn’t know how to prepare my photographer so that he could capture the details of my wedding that I put so much time and thought into. I designed and worked with a printing press company to create my wedding invitations but I never got to capture them because my photographer never asked for them and with everything else going on I didn’t even think about giving them to him. It’s something I regret to this day. The bride works hard on choosing colors and designs to bring her celebration together and these detailed shots encompass it all.

In order for you, the bride, to be more organized and relaxed here is a list of items you should grab and have ready for your photographer so that you can have those amazing detailed shots that capture all the work and beautiful style you put into your wedding! Having a basket/box of these items is the best way to keep them all together and to easily hand them off to the photographer. So while bride and bridesmaids are still getting ready the photographer can capture these important memories.

  1. HEIRLOOM ITEMS: Make sure to communicate with your photographer if you have anything that is special to you and you would like to be added in the photos. Examples could be family jewelry, antique plate, or lace from your grandmother’s gown.
  2. JEWELRY: Necklaces, earrings, headbands or combs, anything you will be wearing with your gorgeous wedding dress are great to add to these detail shots.
  3. PERFUME: Whether it is your everyday smell or the perfume you use for special occasions definitely grab this fancy item to showcase it.
  4. 2 INVITATIONS & STATIONARY: I ask for 2 invitations because then we can feature not only the front but also the back of your beautifully designed wedding invitations. When in doubt, include everything. envelopes and ribbons are all part of your stationary and tell your love story.
  5. SHOES: don’t forget to grab these for your photographer as they are a main staple in any detailed wedding album!
  6. WEDDING RINGS: Being able to quickly grab detailed shots of the rings at the beginning of the day is ideal so that those who are in charge of the rings can have them for the ceremony.
  7. FLOWERS: Not only should the photographer have the bride’s bouquet but also having the extra clippings or a small bundle of extra flowers from the florist is the best way to add that fresh color detail that only flowers can bring. If that is too much to think about just giving your florist information to the photographer can allow smooth communication to happen so that those incredible fresh shots can be taken. Your florist should not mind as it just means more amazing shots of their product being featured!
  8. VOWS: If you are doing your own vows having them on special sheets or booklets can add a beautiful and deeply meaningful detail to your wedding shots.