January 13, 2021

A & A Baby Announcement

Glowing evening light, delicate floral designs and tall fluffy grass detailed this beautiful maternity session. Tucked away on a trail frequented only by a few horses and their riders; we used the golden hour light to its fullest potential. The best part of this photography session is that I had the pleasure of photographing Amy & Aaron’s first pregnancy, so to be a part of their second has been such a joy and honor!

Their adorable toddler had a special role in the celebration as she held the sonogram for their pregnancy announcement and goodness was she cute during the whole thing! Even though nature had plenty of distractions for this little one, with some tricks up my sleeve that I had gathered from her parents before the session (playing her favorite song was a big hit), we were able to grab some amazing shots of her giggling and really engaging with the sonogram. I just know she’ll be the best big sister and has even been practicing with her daddy the proper techniques of wrapping a newborn. So watch out little baby boy, this family has a whole lot of love to give.

Note to fellow mothers…

If you are a family of three or more and are questioning whether to bring your children to a maternity session, question it no more, as this session shows I highly recommend it. I absolutely love the sweet moments between the whole family and it can really help the sibling(s) to be a part of the celebration. Another great idea (for your own sanity) is to bring someone (grandma or babysitter) who can be in charge of your kid(s) when they aren’t in the picture, not only can this help you to relax but it can also give the children a break all while the photographer is still able to continue shooting mom and dad.