Don’t Make Promises You Cant Keep

So. You are married to a redhead. Why is that relevant!? What’s the big deal you may ask? Well, to answer that I must take you back to my younger days when majority of boys seemed mean and I obviously never did anything wrong. *insert sarcastic tone*

It was in those young, impressionable days that I knew two redheads and I just thought that they were the meanest. Im sure they weren’t even close to being that bad, but as a young girl, in my mind, there were just some offenses too personal that I decided I couldn’t ever forgive. Why I got stuck on the red hair I can’t even tell you because there was definitely a young blonde-headed boy who teased me just as much and was just as “mean” as the red heads. But, alas, the redheads got my ire.

Because of this at the age of 9 or 10 I promised to myself and to God that I was never going to marry a red head. Ah, you say. There it is. The irony is now in full view. I’m sure God was laughing when I made that promise. And now I can giggle about it too. Despite my promise and trying to resist a very persistent red head in college, my wonderful red headed husband found a way to show me that he was more than a hair-color stereotype. He pursued me and completely changed my perspective on red heads.

Now I fondly see red heads everywhere and wouldn’t even mind a little if one of my littles had flaming red hair. Truth be told, I would be happy if my children had hair at all. But the tale of my bald little babies is a telling for another time!