November 30, 2019

E & G Winter Greenhouse

Wanting greenery in your family photos during the winter even though you live in the midwest? It’s totally doable! I love greenhouses not only to support the education and growth of amazing plants but also to feel that warm rush of air, bask in the soft light and to just enjoy the beautiful greenery all year round. It is especially nice when outside is a cold snowy exterior that we all love but let’s be honest can sometimes get a little tiring by the time February arrives! I loved getting to capture these gorgeous family photos in this beautiful greenhouse space in Cedar Falls, IA. Getting amazing lighting was super easy and they were so adorable I just wanted to take pictures of them all day! Unfortunately, they had a plane to catch so we used our time really wisely and got fantastic shots in a short amount of time! Can’t wait to take more for them!

This cutie pie was totally “smizing” at me the whole family session. She was such a little baby model, I couldn’t get enough of her! Mommy and daddy better watch out; how could you say no to that face?!?